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good site on gassers beautiful cars for sale. gassers were the king when i was growing up they are what got me interested in cars to begin with . you can build a gasser using todays technogy and get a good handling hard hittin car.aftermarket suppliers support the you dont have to use worn out parts built with old technology and materials. geezers gassers is another site that will tell you how to build a period correct car. we are building on now for me .son has his prostreet nova i want my gasser. i owen one in 67. sraight axle blown hemi. tilt front end. beatiful car built it myself.keep it on my dresser for years.till my mom dropped it while dusting my room.this one is a lot bigger and way more expensive. glass 41 willys. same as my car when i was a kid only bigger.this one is in the shop not on the dresser.!!!
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