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Default Gasser!!

I was just thinkin... I wish I hada Gasser. I have been doing the pro-street thing for a long time. But a Gasser.... you know the real nastalgic kind, straight axel, tunnel ram w/ 2/4's, 4speed, "tuck & roll", the little fuel barrel on the grill, pie-crust slicks, fender well headers etc... I would gladly swap any day. I want a obnoxious/loud, bad handling, gear slammin' old school straight-line ride. Maybe with flames... old coupe, 55-57 chev, or whatever... but a real gasser with a serious front rake. Gettin' bored of the 69 Camaro... plus you see them a lot. I am too young to have seen the Gasser generation in my days, but I want one. Anyone out there got one & have some advice about them?? I'm thinkin' its time for a new ride... something like a 60's Gasser. There just aren'y any here where I live...
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