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I feel he was fair to me... I think he had some race blood in him back in the day... he saw the cut off switch, noticed a cage inside, then said he saw the slicks... & sumped tank with AN/hose. We were at a stop light & he was behind me. He was really cool though- I was NOT wearing my harness, basically no seat belt (I hate putting it on to go down the road a mile or 2). Anyways, he could have nailed me for a few things.... he told me that Oregon law states you must have at least one windshield wiper, but it does not state you have to have a windshield!! I was honest, had all the licensing, & did not argue... what could I say??? I did not even have my seat belt! Anyways, he wanted to know if I had the car certified... because he knew it was safer than just some amature abortion kid-car. It was, but expired. I guess I will find some drag radials now.
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