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He was there. It was all of us from the Cruise weekend there fighting our tickets. I watched a bunch of guys lose, but then I went up there and told the judge he never told me what was unsafe (which he did not), but I printed out the DMV page on unsafe tires, and I could not find anything that met the criteria. He then mentioned the tread, which I apoligized to the judge for converting those fractions to decimals, and told him the minimum tread dept for rear tires was .0625, and I still had .100 to .110 as of the day before, in "all the major tread groves. He liked my story, and sent me away!!!! Paying gas money to get from Delaware to Maryland to save $120.00 sucked, but beating the ticket, PRICELESS!!
It helped I think the cop was a rookie, he even admitted to me it was the first "unsafe tire" ticket he ever wrote.
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