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well..the cost on these things ( Retail) go anyhwere from $400 ( tci) thru $620 ( jw) shipping..its nothing more then a bolt in valve body.

Ron i do not know what you are planning on doing with your mustang...but IF YOU ARE NOT going to be seriously bracket racing it ,which to do this right you will need all the other electronics these guys are using to be competititve.
or running some heads up stuff where you must leave extremely hard,,which requires major updrages to drive line.
same for just getting out there and playing..a brake with require upgrades all the ay around on the drive line.

If your not going to pursue either of these options..i would leave the brake alone...

a brake on the street is No good..cause the car isn't gonna take the hit off the line from the will blow the tires off..

Many people use a brake to lock a car down in the beams..but if your motor/car is mild a good Line lock can be effective here footbraking the car..

if your dead set on putting a brake in the car..i can pm you a builders number locally that can sell you a quality brake cheaper then these retailers..

this is my take on the


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