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Hey billy thanks for posting your tech URL, my Malibu is so screwed up it pulls i front 1 ft. higher than the other. I bought the car as a roller and it used to have a b/blk and i put a s/blk in. It would stand on the back bumper before i put wheelie bars on it. It does come back down straight and runs straight down the track, but i think i'm leaving something on the table yet. It a back half 4 link that weighs 3250lbs with 14X32's It has run 1.41 60 ft times at Memphis, but usually 1.43/1.45. It has so much preload that if i jack the car up in front in the ctr. there's 6" differentance from one side to the other. I haven't tried to ajust it because it alway runs straight and it's pretty consistent. But over the winter i'm going to get after it since i'm going from a 377" to a 434" and now that i have your tech sheet i may be able to correct it.

Thx's again.

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