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Thanks for all your replies. You cannot believe how thankful I am that I stumbled onto this forum. It is a wealth of USEFUL information from guys that have real life experience in this area. I've been reading Mr. Shope's site and articles by Ed as well.

I actually built this car in my garage. I started racing the car with a 450whp Mazda 2.0 turbocharged motor that I ran 11.25 with. I then backhalved it and then stuck in a Toyota 3.0 2jz engine with GT42 turbo. Unique setup but long story. I'm using a powerglide tranny with transbrake. I launch with around 34lbs of boost and 75 shot to spool turbo. It doesn't have a anti-sway bar in it, but I've been thinking of adding one. I just didn't want to add it if it wasn't going to help in a big way. I'm using the cheap Competition Engineering 3 way shocks in the back and Tokico Illumina 5 ways in front. The front is all stock except for coilovers and shocks. I just reversed the spindles from FWD trim and added a mustang rack. I will try and run the chassis calc and see what it comes up with. I do have access to a nice set of scales.

So far when I scaled it it was this: RF 852 LF 790 RR 583 LR 564

I will try and increase spring on that corner to see if the front will come up even without sacrificing the other end.


PS Ed...I like your sig!
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