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You most certainly do NOT want the left front to rise before the right front. You DO want them to rise equally. The goal is to have equal rear tire loading during launch and that is achieved ONLY if the weight is removed equally from the front tires.

The sum of LF and LR MUST be equal at all times. If it were not, the car would be in the process of rolling over. When the LF and RF are unloaded unequally, it means the rear tires MUST be loaded unequally and that means both a loss in performance and a decreased safety factor.

Neither a non-preloaded symmetrically adjusted 4link or a similar ladder bar can provide equal rear tire loading during launch. With preloading, equal rear tire loading can be achieved at a single value of driveshaft torque. A better solution is an asymmetric adjustment of either the 4link or ladder bar. With this arrangement, equal rear tire loading can be maintained for ANY value of driveshaft torque.

See pages 19, 4, 5, and 6 below:
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