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I wouldn't say 1/8 mi racing is for wussy’s. There are alot of bad ass cars in this country that run the ADRL circuit. I understand why they race 1/8mi, it’s safer for the pro mod cars, a lot easier on parts and you have more of a selection of tracks to race at.

From what I see, most of the cars/ class’ are so quick in the 1/8mi the race is just getting started, then it's over. It’s kind of like getting started having sex…..you get all excited and your feeling good and ….oooop’s I quit……no wonder the women get so mad…it’s over before they are done…lol.

Just my preference …...Some of us have cars that can not run 200 mph in the 1/8 but they can in the 1/4. I like the 60’ adrenaline rush and the big speed at the other end so my preference would be 1/4mi.
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