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Originally Posted by olds48
I never hooked my kickdown wire back up when I pulled my TH400 out of my -get this ...'72 C20 :wink: -and stuck it in my Olds. It upshifted and downshifted just fine..
i never hooked the elec kick down back up either and it shifts up and down just fine too

scorp, i dont remember which way was what anymore? just mark the handle of a screwdriver and count each turn... then drive it... ad try the other way and drive it.... lol after going though 3 700r4's in my suburban pulling my drag car around after just 2 years..... i got one of my 400 turbo's i had sitting in my garage and put her in there been 3 years now and going strong.... just had to adjust my shift points cause it wasnt right :wink:
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