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I run a similar setup, 4.1 toilet 0-1/2 pump on alcohol 377", but with brodix track-1 heads. I run #33 dropin pills in the nozzles and usually .085 return pill. Either way the pill will be between .080 and .110 with your setup. I have a larger solid roller cam (too much for my car weight, 3250 lbs) When i first built my motor i put it in a hardtail dragster, 14X32 tires and a 4.56 gear. It ran 5.15/ 1/8 and 8.23 @ 158 MPH, but when i put it in my malibu (3250 lbs) it turned into a dog , too much cam too much weight, not enough torque, it would only run 6.53/ [email protected] MPH.
I would think if you can find a set of 31 inch slicks you could run the 4.10 gear, and should be able to run 8.50/8.70 with the setuo that you have, that's just a guess.


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