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Sounds like you need to shift a little longer than the 7200 rpm shift. You're possibly dropping too much rpm at the shift and your engine is trying to get back to the camshaft. Thus, you aren't maintaining enough wheelspeed to keep it from shaking. But you're probably going to have to live with a "happy Medium" or go to a slightly shorter tire. I think I'd take the shift back to 7300 or split the difference and see what happens.

Tires are expensive so I'd just keep driving through the shake if you can't eliminate all of it. That's assuming, of course, that it isn't all that violent.

One of the ways I figure out traction is with iPhone Videos. My Boss' better half videos the first 60' with her iPhone (Better video than I get with a high buck Sony) and then review the run in the trailer. Watch the back wrinkle of the tire. it should be about 8 o'clock on the tire at the light and never move much less than about 7 o'clock. If it tends to rotate towards the 6 o'clock position, you'll get shake. The Tire's rotational speed caught up with it's forward motion and is trying to decide wheteher to spin or hook up . . It's the fine line between tire spin and bog . . You have to keep the back defined wrinkle on the back side of the wheel center . .

My experience anyway . . . . Hope it helps . .
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