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Originally Posted by doorracer
I have a 27 roadster. I can get the IC that I want right now but I might need to go a little higher, not sure without a little more testing. This is just something I have been told and have read in other tech posts but never have seen why.
My car hooks initially but sometimes gets loose about 100-200 feet out. Tough to dial not knowing if it will stay hooked or not. Not a very fast car so it suprised me that I could spin 16.5-33s only running 6.0s with a sbc.

I chassed my tail for the better part of a year and a half, spent about $1500 in parts and cost of testing only to find out that the rear springs were too soft allowing the suspension to bottom out about the 330 timers. Put a tie wrap around the shock shaft and check to make sure that you're not hitting bottom down track as that's cheap way to verify this. If I would have done that last year I could have saved myself a bunch of time and money!!
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