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Default Got Insurance for the Race Car

Hey Guys,
Just wanted yall to know that I just purchased insurance for my Vega, trailor, and tools today. Did the application and recieved the confirmation today that everything was good to go and that I was covered. I know that I have read a lot of people asking about insurance and wanted yall to know this was a pretty reasonable price and the plan covers everything except actually going down the track on its own power. The deductable is $500 and they take monthly payments. I have everything insured for 45,500. It cost me $580 a year and I payed 25% up front and then the rest in monthly installments. In case yall want to know the web site is and the guys name is Bill Horton. Really nice guy and is a racer himself. Yall have helped me out so much, I thought I would pass on the for anyone looking.

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