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Angry Another scammer trying to take peoples money=jmurphy490 heard of him?

So I called out another one, look at add 832833 for a brand new never used in the bag 671 blower kit for only 2000$ and free shipping. Total lack of info on the add, very evasive when asked questions, would not speak directly to anyone just texts, tried to say my wife and I will write up a contract that we both sign and he gives me his drivers license (ya right) then I send him $500 then he will send the parts so I can look over them to ensure quality and if satisfied I can pay the rest to him, WHO in their right mind does that?? SO I have investigated him, a couple days before on RJ he tried the same thing only with a Ford GT500 TVS supercharger brand new in the box still with wrapper.
Well I found that add #832833 is actually from ebay from a woman asking $3399.99 for this identical supercharger. WOW TWO of the same chargers with identical pics, I must go get a lottery ticket, so anyway the real owner of this supercharger lives in Portland, Oregon. kendra5154k23 is here username from ebay go check it out. Please be aware these douche bags are out there everywhere and ready to steal money from good hard working people, please be vigilant. When I told him what I had in mind, that I would be glad to meet him in Roanoke VA because we don't know each other and to protect both of our interests we then could conduct business face to face and we didn't have to meet at his residence were my exact words, the phone call dropped off... See he had no idea I new his true location because he said Fredricksburg,VA. in his add. Just please do a little research on the buyer or seller before handing over that wade of cash so many of you have worked so hard for. I made a time line of him and the responses he gave and he checked out to be fraudulent!
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