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if u want a manul box go to the junkyards and look for a old nova/camaro firebird and get one off of them just 3 frame bolts and a steering coupler bolt and a pitman arm nut.. if u find it on a nova then u will have to use your pitman arm cause there different sizes.. firebird camaro is the same u need what they call a rear steer frame <gear box on the back side of the k member.. if u want to do a rack u can either put it behind the frame or in front in front u have to revese spindle arms around then and cut some holes and extend steering shaft... there was a good install video about a month ago on show called muscle car they did a nova frame... if u check in to it a manual box off a s10 will prolly work as well i know a rear steer box will work on cars with boxs up front but never have tried to take a front one and put it in the back... if u dig around u may find more about that... should only cost u about 20-25 bucks at a junkyard for the box...and basically is a direct bolt on..
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