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Well it looks like all that money in hoses and fittings paid off. :lol: I have removed the plates and now only run 2 foggers.

I have had a very good season so far, out of 17 races I have enetered this year I have won 14 of those, 1 second place and broke at 2 (valvetrain related) and set 2 National Records along the way.

Here is a video of the last race in South Haven Kansas.

Now a little on the topic of compression. You can make more horsepower with nitrous than you can with compression if you build with heavy doses of nitrous in mind. My little 435 ci small block is only 13.6-1 compression, and has oner .100 thousandths quench.

Dont let that Rabbit fool you, that thing he has runs hard too.
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