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Originally Posted by ashbros
with a small block i would not consider spraying less than a 150 shot.

A street motor for crusing 100-150.

A lot of guys around my area tend to run 12 to 1 compression, with race fuel. The nitrous seems to respond quite nicely.

On another note, back when my boys were 14 a6 16, I gave them a few bucks to throw a little budget motor together, It was built for the use of nitrous in mind except their budget did not allow them to use forge pistons.

Stock block 4 bolt 355 CID
Gm Steel Crank
Stock GM Rods with arp Bolt Upgrade,
Hyperutectic pistions - they were cheap....
The cam was not to big 515 lift intake and exhaust
I had a super nice set of brodix track 1 heads that had been work over by Ron's porting
Strip dominator intake
Jimmy Evans 950 Blower carb
125 Shot of Nitrous.
clevite bearings
Can't remember what rings they used.
On the nitrous this was a really strong motor, but the thing that caught my attention was the boy ran a bill up at the neighbor hood nitrous refill depot. They ran over 100 bottles of nitrous though that motor and bolted on a little 142 blower before they blew it up.. and this isn't no fishing story......

Now once they bolted on the 142 that little motor had all the power it needed without the nitrous, but hitting that switch made it soo much more fun...... :twisted:

Moral of the story.. Go easy on the nitrous, with proper a/f ratios your motor just might last a few extra passes..

Not bad for a couple young teenagers

Ash you got any small block heads u wan to get rid of ?..looking for some heads for this procharger small block i am building...i just don't trust buying anything like this from someone far off i do not know where i am coming from here.

i have dealt with Big Blocks for so long..i have Nothing but a few small block intakes laying around...

thanks Brian

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