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I caught this scammer and I can tell you without a doubt that 24 Hour Auto Servicing is a scam site and nothing else. I have proof and all you have to do is google the names that are listed on their website and it will become clear to you. TeamKnowles, I want to know how oyu have bought 2 trannys from them and you just joined this site this month?? They are scammers. Mbah Milton Mbah was arrested for scamming me from that site and I got my money back. check this out if you insist on saying they are not scammer.
I think you are full of crap, both of you guys that are all of a sudden claiming that you have done business with these guys and that they are legit. Get the F outta here with that crap. I promise you that I know more than anyone about the guys that operate that website and post scams on this forum.
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