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Default New member signup, newbie thread

Hey everyone I am far from being a Newbie, been on here over 12 years. I am one of the forum moderators, was offered to do it about 3 years ago. This forum used to be a very busy place about 10 years ago, hope it gets back to being that way soon. I was a Service and parts director at a new car dealership for over 30 years before my position was eliminated so I started my own business doing classic car and motorcycle appraisal, pre-purchase inspections and restorations. I am also the president of the charity DRAW, we give financial and emotional support of injured drag racers.
The forum is a great way to show off your projects and racing toys. Ask for help with your car or bike build, meet new friends, announce races, car shows and cruise ins.
Please be polite, no name calling or political discussions
Please do not post up items for sale or links to ads or other sale websites
I hope that the forum becomes a great place to have fun, talk tech, bench race, tell jokes and just hang out

Hope to see and hear from you all soon!

As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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