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Roadkill, I mean no disrespect to you by this. It's just my experience.

The amount of vacuum depends on different factors. Engine size, fuel, ring type, how well your gaskets are sealed, pump speed, etc... I have pulled 16"-18" with ease on my 383 small block on alcohol spinning half engine speed. I saw no e.t. difference backing it down to 10". This is with a std. Star pump. What I do see is less condensation in the valve covers and a little cleaner oil (the main reason I put it on). On the next build I am going to go with a lighter tension ring set and I do believe I will see a H.P. gain.

I agree with you that a dry sump system is the way to go if a guy can do it. I have zero room for one, but would love to have it. I could dump my accumulator if I had room for one. Major benefits there.

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