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Default Re: Well now, this should prove it to you guys.........Final

[quote="hollowayshotrods"]Hiya Brian! Decided to give Julian a TRIAL after I suggested that to you about your "troublemakers" huh? You couldn't do it then, wouldn't be fair, my my how things change when YOU want them too!! I was not going to post again in here until I read your last spout off from your blow hole!!

You boys read #3 REAL GOOD! Typical posting/words from a bully that has ALL the "kick you out tools"!! You talk wayyyyyy more garbage than most folks on here!! The ONLY reason nobody says anything is to keep the peace!! Afterall, NOBODY CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, your badass said so yourself!! You know you have changed posts to benefit you! You know you read personal mail sent through the forum. You must be one lonely dude! Arrogance surrounds you pal!

You're a prick AND a bully dude, it's just a shame only a handful of folks will tell you that! Nobody gives a damn that you are Toms "right hand man" lmao, I bet you use both hands!!

Go ahead and boot me for good now, I really really don't give a damn. I would rather be cussed at on another site, than made to feel I should bow to you on this one. GFY- does it need explaining?

There are some backstabbing and underhanded folks in here. I bet you know who they are don't you?
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X5 Feel free to delete my account too Brian, I'm done.
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