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ok im back and im gonna bj ive no doubt your a tough sob.and im gonna agree with you on the hair grabbing thing. I know for a fact with long hair in a fight you had better make damn sure your opponent don't get his hand in your hair. how do I know this ,well I once got ito a fight with a bike ass brother that grabbed my long hair and pulled my head back and was ready to smash my face. just before he hit me I hit him in the throat. if I didn't hit him in the throat he would have killed me.and I mean dead. I won that fight . im 5ft 9 and I think I was about 145 at the time.he was 6 2 and about 200. I could fight. loved it.i never felt a punch,until thefirht was over. then it hurt like hello!!!.. now im crippled up and cant fight. but I still have real long hair and a a long sword in my cane. and I also carry something going home at nite. that's a promise..when you get my age and in my shape. your attitude changes.its no longer a fight to see who wins,its to see who lives. ive said and still say that dog wouldn't last 10 seconds in my world. the reason I can say that is because a few yrs ago while he had his show on tv, he went after a guy I know. he got his butt kicked pretty good before his help got to him. then he won.this was seen by a few other guys I kinow.they didn't put that on tv.
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