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Default Re: dog

Originally Posted by johnracer
Originally Posted by badfordfreak
nope not a fan of the show, but unless you have had a go at it with him you never know how it might come out and to judge anyone on there hair length.........
True enough, you really can't determine what someone is capable of by how they look. You might be choking on your teeth before you could grab his hair.........


True enough on what BOTH you said. ..not speaking for others but NO judging on my end of how the man can handle himself...but I will say again his waist long hair would cause him a trauma filled day if I got it locked in sorta.same problem he would have if he walked by a moving lathe etc....again I see no judging here based on his hair ..wear a 3ft noose around your neck and chase and threaten wanted felons all over town...see what happens to that noose if you get hold right man. point proved..I would think ? lol

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