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DANG boys you trying to give me a heart shes HOT....what car... harbone did check out them flowmasters specs before you put them on therr?compare them to some other hipo mufflers you might not like what you read about them. seems then can and do steal a few ponies from ya.but they do sound good on her.funnt aint it, when we were young the first thing we did to our cars was take off then ugly stock type wheel and a set of cragers would replace them with skinnys up front and some fat fat meat on the back. now they seem to go back to what we took off.but i quess its true what they say about me im stuck in the 70s.and i aint comin back! i do like the wheels on ther but i klnow for a fact id would have put then cragers on no matter she does look good!!!!!
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