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Ive driven all types of rides from dragsters that ran in the 7s to my tow vehicle that ran in the teens Altereds & gassers included .
There has been dragsters on Pinks all out but not the Original Pinks Reason being Its A show for street cars or as close to it .
A FED is a fun & sometime Scary ride and so are some of the short or Altered Wheel base cars Ive ran .But my favorite is A door car even if it was running 7s in the 1/8 to drive it to the track and line up agianst a RED cut A 006 light collect the win light & turn the AIr Conditioning back on on the return road Is A blast . Im not knocking REDs in no way shape or form To me they are just Point & squirt and sometimes even boring .In A door car or other rides weather it is a 12sec ride to A 8sec ride in the 1/4 takes some finesse & the Sphincter factor is Way up there .
So it doesnt really matter How fast you go as long as you enjoy it .
The Totso,s episode was really awesome & I would have loved to have been behind the wheel of either of the brothers rides .

So Please stop trying to hyjack this thread Start A new one Im sure everyone will post on it .
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