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there is a whole lot more jollies in a 9.0 street trim door slammer than a 8.0 rail.....least from my experience it is...

i say keep pinks at the street trim level..small tire 3k lbs and start doing it like the old days...body weight per cubic inches....if they do not index these boys like they do it could get crazy as CRAZY CAN GET...and turn into the fastest car shootout...and what you got there is a backhalf car with a pro-mod motor 10.5 outlaw car...its not realistic to why pinks was born. ( let me tell you nothing wrong with a 10.5 shoot out either) BUT YOU just can't compare a camel to a will never

pinks came from long time ago street races that took places on backroads late at night or early mornings...with some crazy a$$ person willing to stand in the middle of two cars racing by flagging them off.....mostly cash at stake but there were some guys back then that ran title for title ( pinks)

if you want a fastest car shoot sure as hell aint gonna get no-one standing 20 ft in front of them hand flagging......

let me tell you there ain't nothing slack about Tim and Todd Tosto street trim rides running lower to mid 9 second 1/4 miles passes..small tires 3k lbs and shifting a mater of fact you could just see one of those cars sitting beside you at a red light......DO YOU FEEL LUCKY !!!...

Morale here is don't think a true street trim,3klb ,gear jamming, small tire car is easy to get down the track at 9.0 seconds.....don't beleive me then try it.....i have done it with an automatic..would have to eat some wheaties to do it with true stick...

my 2 cents.


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