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Update..He went with the Hoosier 18400 in the c07 compound. Ran it yesterday and 60's went from 1.18 best to 1.15 on the first pass and stayed in the 1.15-1.16 range the entire day with a 7.96 @ 169 best et in 7400' air. It's still beating him up in the burnout though, even keeping it short. He's got bruises on his back today as proof and understandably is hesitent to run it again.
While inspecting the car today, we found the slipyoke splines worn sharp. The trans output is fine so we suspect the slipyoke was that way when he bought the car. We didn't really look at it when we put it in. Any chance that could be causing the problem? It just shakes when coming off the throttle after the burnout. Basically severe wheelhop.
Also having some rt issues. He runs around 1.090 in the box to stay in the mid teens which won't cut it on a pro tree in Supercomp. I'd think a car like this should need 1.130 or more on a full tree. He may just need more seat time. He only has around 10 passes in the car.
I'm planning on making some laps in it on Friday to get a better feel for what's going on and would like some suggestions to make it more fun and less pain.
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