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Default Re: This is his replie

Originally Posted by rsrsfishslayers
Sorry But I don't have your money, I did not go bankrupt the government cleaned out my bank ,put leans on everything I own I have nothing and i own nothing I dont even a job anymost so even if you did get a judgment how are you going to collect ? Sorry they don't fit maybe you should have checked the clearances before you purchased them I know I sent you the info on the clearances and because of that you would not get a judgment so you can stop your idle threats ,Just resell them
If you sue him and win, you just get in line behind the Government as a general creditor.

BTW- if they attached his accounts it could be for tax evasion, try and contact the IRS in his area, and if you think he committed fraud let them know about it.

At the very least they might squeeze him harder just for principle.

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