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rlmotorsports, Pretty nice job there. Trying to determine the identy of an actual 1970 SS is tough, but here are a few more area or clues that may help you.

Another area you can look at is the lower and upper rear control arms, If this had the f-41 rear suspension like all 70 SS chevelles had you will notice that these control arms appear to be boxed in. In the non SS versions the control arms look like a channel, or 3 sided.

Look beneath the underside of the rear seat for a build sheet to ne fastened to the heavy wire frame of the seat and also look behind the front dash near the radio heater area as well.

The vin number of the car is located on the vin tag and the rear left frame rail about a fott back from the rear bumper. Check to see that these vins match.

The dash & guage cluster is another helpful item. The standard malibu guage package way a long and narrow version that streached from left to right. the SS version had three distinct round guages and several other small guage clusters.The manual transmission SS package came with a factory tach I can not remember what guage replaced the tach in the automatic transmission version.

Also two types of SS steering Wheels, both with ss emblems
4 spoke and 2 spoke.
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