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Default Hot Rod wiring problem-headlights

You guys solved my Brake problem, so here's another for you,

The car is a 46 Chevy street rod with an aftermarket hot rod harness (Kwik Wire-a very nice decently priced full harness)

I have a quick question on a light parts kit I just bought from Painless which includes headlight switch, dimmer switch and two door jam switches.

The three position headlight switch has tabs for 1) Tail, 2) parking, 3) headlight, 4) aux, 5) battery.

The harness has the labeled feeds going to the headlight group as 1) ignition hot, 2) dimmer, 3) parking, 4) taillight.

The dimmer switch group has the return feed from the Headlight switch (dimmer coded wire), and the high and low beam feeds.

My guess is that the current to the headlights feeds through the dimmer switch. (Thats a "duh" comment huh?)

Assuming that parking and taillight connections are self-explanatory on the headlight switch that leaves dimmer wire and the hot wire.

I went from the hot (red wire) to the battery tab on the Painless switch and the dimmer to the headlight tab and blew a 25 amp fuse when I pulled the switch to full on position. I had not hooked up the dimmer switch wires yet.

Any idea what could be causing that fuse to blow?

Is there a ground tab on the headlight switch or does it ground against the steel dash.

Could the issue simply be that the dimmer wires were un connected and something grounded out? They were on the uncarpeted floor of the car.

Also the dimmer has three tabs a left, a right, and a top. Should I assume low to the left (or right), high beam to the right (or left) and the dimmer feed to the top tab?

Thanks for the help-The wiring kit has been pretty easy otherwise.
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