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Originally Posted by superstreeter
lots of good batteries out there now,,I do like the optima red and you need to get a real alternator if your going to run on the street, I`ve been screwing with batteries and alternators on my street car for years, and the best I`ve come up with is the red optima (because its lite)and a good 100 amp alternater, you have to find a way to run an alternator, sooner or later you will have a problem, and you wont be likeing it. just my oppinion ...I run a single red, and lots of fans and pumps, and it starts my bbc like nothing!
I have just one battery and no alt, its a track only car and I agree, I need an alt!~ More than once I've had issues with a low battery - I charge in between rounds but if I go more than 4 rounds its just not enough, I doubt getting 2 batteries would remedy this probelm but it probably would help> Cp
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