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thats ok..your fuel pump will make enough psi to handle your motor and 3 stages...connect your carb to the two outlets out of your 4 port regulator set your fuel pressure and block off the remaining two ports...

then connect your fuel rail to the free flowing port of the 4 port regulator...the fuel rail will have free flow to every port on the fuel rail until you regulate it down with the holley silver you can have different fuel pressures for each port/regualtor..this is why there is a free flowing port on the main 4 port regualtor...

since your going with Magnafuel (good choice)...i would recommend going with their billet 3 way fuel log..part # mp-7600-03.
you will see where the ports on top will hold 3 different regualtors for the 3 stages..all can be independently adjusted on the fuel pressure for whatever you need...all ya gott remember is plumb the fuel rail from the free flowing port off the main regulator..

see link below

OR scratch the 4 port regualtor all together ..and go with a 4 port fuel rail..and get yourself 4 holley silver regulators..1 for carb and 3 for different i said their are numerous ways to do this..the only reason i suggested the 4 port regulator to begin with is because i just ran one stage NOS system on my car...and didn't need the fuel rail...

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