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Default Fuel Pump Help Needed

What fuel pump should I run with my BBC Big Chief 615 with 3 stages of nitrous. I was looking at the Magnafuel 500 with the filter. If I run this kit how should I do my lines, returns, and sizes? I was thinking a return at the pump (would I also need one at the regulators) and do I need to put an inline carb jet in the return? Will #12 from cell to the pump and the #12 to a "Y" with one #10 going to my 3 regulator fuel rail for the nitrous and the other side of the "Y" a #10 to the carb regulator? Please post pics of your setups and pics of the fuel cell setup if possible. Who makes a nice fuel cell bracket that I can also mount the fuel pump too. All help will be greatly appreciated.
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