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Default Re: Rons?

Originally Posted by bbchevy
Originally Posted by smiley2947
i would even pay someone to come tune it or fix it if there is anyone around this area
Well That DEPENDS,.........??
Where are you Located?
I would start with BASIC plumbing,and go from there,........
I have NEVER had a System that I could NOT Fix!

G 8)
X2, most of them are as easy to tune as falling off a log. Couple of things to look at, is the pump mounted low?(not higher than the tank) Have you syncronized the butterflys so that all close tight? Are the throttle shafts tight in the bores? Are yu running atleast a #8 line to the pump? and what size fuel filter are you running, it could be starving for fuel on top end.

Just a few guesses.

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