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I've been watching this thread from the beginning. I personaly think you are going about it the wrong way, but that's your decision. I agree with the previous poster the ride height should be set first. I personaly would have cut out the floor from behind the drivers seat and backhalfed the car, hooking the ladder bar cross member to the frame ties. But i know you don't want to cut up the car more than you have too. I worked on an AMX 2 seater a few yrs. ago, he also didn't want to cut up the car. In my opinion i would take out the rear end, weld all the components on the housing and then set it under the car set the ride height and build the shock mounts top bar and the shock mounts. I use 1"X1" tubing to set the ride height, see pic below. These are only suggestions, i'm not a pro builder, i've only done a few cars, but they worked very well.



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