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Default shipper scam

i dont know if anyone else has had this happen, not sure if its a scam or not.. I just had a guy text me. he wants my car at my price and wants to send me a certified bank check. ok, then he said hes sending the check with extra money to pay the shipper..and to delete my post on this site right away.,,,i said im not dealing with the shipper, he kept telling me that once the check clears that i take the car money and send rest to his shipper..he insisted that the shipper will then know i got my money..and can get the car.. i told him again that im not dealing the the shipper, its on him to pay shipper.. then he said, Okay, bye.. i asked him to call me and he said he's hard of hearing and would rather text.. it all feels very first it sounded too good to be true..i cant figure out what kind of scam this would be, if it is a scam, or what he was getting out of it..

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