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Ya'll are thinkin'about like me.Mark Williams sells a 35 spline spool and axle kit for that rearend with 5/8 studs and bearings for $1000.I figured I probably couldn't build a new 9" for that.I wish I had a picture of the splines to show ya'll.They are wild looking!!It looks just like the input off my old Saginaw 4-speed,not big enough to respline I don't think.Do ya'll think the gears could make it thru the housing?I'm sure it could come thru like a Dana 's sheet metal cover ,but I figured it's a pretty thick piece of steel the housing is made out of. :?:This car hasn't been updated since it was built in 1965.Gonna try to go to Madison Height's this weekend.Guy certifying chassis up there.Just wanna see how much work I got ahead of me. At least it's got a "Deal " protector :lol: Check it out!!
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