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Default 10 spline axles???

10 spline axles??No that is not a typo.I have an old(not sure of exact year)Oldsmobile rearend in my FED.It has good Moser axles but they are the stock 10 spline.My problem is that the rearend does not have a spool.It is an open diff.The car has run a best of 5.40s with no problem,but I would like to have both wheels locked.I cannot find anyone that makes a spool for it (Moser will make the axles but not the spool).So...what now??Weld the spider gears??Redo the whole rear with new axles,spools the works(didn't want to spend that money)?? Before I did that I would just build a 9" for it .Any advive or suggestions please.Biggest reason I don't want to redo the whole rearend is that I bought this car from a friend and don't want to risk hurting his feelings.You know.."your car wasn't good enough for me .."

P.S.Any of ya'll professional machinist out there want to make a spool for me. :?:
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