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My Grand Prix chassis Bickel car had a system from Bickel and the nozzles were located like Brian explained. My Pontiac blew the motor at 150mph in the traps. I didn't know it was on fire. The car filled up with smoke and I didn't see any flames. My shoes were burned and the shoe strings. Melted the tail lights and burned the shute off. Both sides of the car were burned. I didn't set off the system because I didn't think it was on fire. When I got it stopped the track guys emptied there extinguishers on the car and me.
So, when in doubt hit the system but it's a job to clean that stuff up. Seems like the fire goes to your lower body and feet on a chasis car.
It did on my car. Brian, I was running gas so they catch on fire too. Probably not as much as alcohol but they still do.
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