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Default Converter help...

I need some input on a good converter choice.. First of im setting up a street 71 chevelle,around 3800lbs with driver.Im running a 410 gear in the rear and 28" tall tires/slicks. thru a turbo 400 w/brake.The engine is a 604ci BBC :lol: (GOT A DEAL ON A 4.750 CALLIES CRANK) Dart Big M block,4.750 callies crank,6.700 Eagle H beam rods w/L19 bolts,Diamond flat top pistons 10.5 to1 compression,Dart Pro 1 cnc 355 heads ,comp cams solid roller 680/680 261/271,sniper intake gasket matched to heads and a 4 circuit carb set up for this by Chuck Nuytten..
I plan to run this 80% on the street and 20% at the track..just test and tune nitrous yet.. :twisted: only plan to run around 5500/6000 max rpm.Cam seems a little low for this combo I think, but I have it so Im gonna try it out.. anyone got a sugestion for this combo?? Ive got a 10" Trans specialities high stall converter w/anti-balloning plate supposed to stall at 3800 behind a BBC and take 800+HP...But I dont think this will hold up to this combo.. Any help will be appriceiated.. :wink:
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