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Default Re: Need disc brake set up

Originally Posted by qtrmile2
Hey guys,
I'm lookinmg for some advise on putting front disc brakes on my 67 Camaro. I 'm not to worried about weight because the car will go 10.90 in the heat. Just want to get this thing to stop. I've got drum brakes on all fours now. No power brake booster on the car now. I'm looking for a good complete set up. It's only going 128 mph 1/4 mile now but it's hard to stop on a short track.
Thanks for your help and advise
I've got late model Malibu's on th fronf of mine and 9" fords on the back off a big ford, they are all heavy but i run no booster and it will stop at any track i've ever been too, in fact i can make the first turn off in the qtr,at Memphis but i only run 124mph

It's cheap and works.

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