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Originally Posted by TheYellaBrick
HOLY CRAP ,DENNIS !! Fire is my HIGHEST fear. Glad ya'all got out and safe ! Are you able to stay there or you in a different dwelling now ? Looks like the damage isn't so bad it can't be repaired. Wow .... :shock: :shock:
Currently we are in a hotel paid for by the red cross. Also we cannot retreive ANY of our belongings until the owners insurance comapny does their investigation. We cant stay in the house due to all the damage. The fire got up into the rafters for the roof and there is a good size hole in the roof where the vent is coming out of the roof. It can be repaired but is gonna have to have a major rebuild done to get it back to code. The fire got some wires that were going thru the walls for the vent stack. Its gonna have to have a completely new roof installed including the trussels all the way across. The fire marshall said that it is gonna take prolly 6-8 months till it is done. They estimated the deamage well over $30,000. The realtor is doing all they can getting us into another house. The thing that scares me the most is in the pic of the damage that looks like a bedroom. Her daughter and boyfriends bed was right there with their heads against that wall. They only had 1/2" between their heads and the fire.

The fire fighters didnt one helleva job. They were on scene in 5 mins and had it contained in 30. They even saved the flag we hang outside and my girlfriends dads flag that was draped over his casket and the only pics that she had of him.
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