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Originally Posted by Scorpion1110
Jeez Rabbit, dont bury me just yet. Not gone, sometimes just need a mini-vacation with a little r&r.

Everyone posting on this thread, understand that sometimes you just need to take a breath, and walk away for a second. Cool down a minute. There's a rule that a great boss taught me several years back about email, which is obviously quite similar to a forum IM post. If you read something that makes you angry and type a reply - save it until tomorrow. See if you feel the same way before you press submit. Though its a bit different on an im, you can still bang out your response and not post it- let it simmer a bit and see if you feel the same way later.

As to some of the interpretations and whether a Mod should look at PM's. If they do, its because they may have to. Remember that PM you send has certain rules you agree to when you submitt, and its likely a Mods responsibility to make sure people are abiding by them.

And the last thing I have to say is a word about Bjuice. A little while ago I took that break, due to life and some health stuff and just in general needed to cool off. I'd come in hidden just to check on you guys and see how things are going. Brian saw this and dropped me a line, asked how I was doing and reminded me why this is the best site with the best people on the web. He has never met me but truly was concerned about me. He cares- thats why he volunteers hs own time to moderate this group of goofballs.

Folks go to your corners, cool off and come back when you are better of spirit- Because you will always be welcome here.

And Rudy, remember one thing- a man's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness - Don't be a stranger old friend.


Hey Scorp Thank you for mentioning that. I would have never said anything on the public forum about checking on Friends as I did with you at that time..As I told you when I saw you signing in Hidden Status I would never give that up on Public Forum. What many don't see is what goes on behind the scenes.... :roll:
Just like there are several on here that PM me on a regular basis to see how I am and also Voice their Opinion of Disgust on how some have acted on here...As I did with you I would NEVER disclose who these guys are because I am more loyal than that to these guys and would never place them in a situation to make them feel awkward..Rudy tried to get that information out of me a few months back but I would not Budge..Yes I could have copied and pasted the pm's I have recieved over the last few months and I am sure it would have come short of Shell shocking Rudy but I wasn' Interested in doing that to Rudy or the people that send me the pm's..
For the sake of the members This is the last Post I am going to make on this subject ( unless I have to or shut it down)..

ANYONE Including Rudy and the other guys who made th NEGATIVE POST can go back to the thrtead where this began...Its in black and white...Rudy started a thread and I got to joking around and Rudy Got pissed...Plain and simple...Its all there in Black and white....If anyone will take the time to click on the link below and just read the first 4 or 5 post you will see it..I even ask Rudy was we not friends...I guess this is what he wanted...The Thread speaks for itself.


I am not mad or posting out of anger..Rudy and Charles are the main ones who have carried this issue to where it is today...

If I would have stayed on top of Moderating the site/ Rudy and a few others and kept them in-line We would not have got to this point..but instead I became friends with him and let him Slide running that Mouth One time too many times..So when I Tightened back up he goes off...its a classic Set up many Police Officers etc get caught up in each day and I should have been a little smarter then this being that I am an Ex-Officer..

I will not make the same mistake Twice.....I am here to do a Job #1 if I can make some Cyber Friends along the way Great !!!

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