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Scam. They want your email address. Don't respond. If they don't specifically name the item you have for sale, it is a generic robo email. As soon as they mention using a third party, freight agent, they will want to end you more money than asking price and you send some to the freight agent. If they are in a hurry to buy, if they say they are disabled, if they say they are buying for a relative, if they don't ask many questions before offering to purchase, if they are hearing impaired so they can't answer the phone number listed, using the words "advert" or "kindly", those are all scam type verbage.

This message has a lot of clues it is a scam.

If you look up in the scammers and feedback section of this forum, I think [email protected] already has been talked about as a scammer.

Never buy or sell anything racing related online without talking to the other party in person on the phone. And then still be cautious.

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