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That's the major problem, when you put nitrous on injection running alcohol, you have to suppliment it with gas, that becomes a nitemare. We did this a couple yrs. ago. You need a small 1 gal. cell for gas, and electric pump for the gas, plus a host of electronic valves. did it work, YES the car went .6ths quicker in the 1/8, but it burned down a piston on the 4th run with a 500 shot. It was a 360" sm/blk and it went .520 at Memphis. I have since rebuilt the short blk. it has a Lonati black crank, 13.5 pistons and eagle h beams with L19 bolts. and a new 2 bolt blk. It's for sale for $1600.00.
Would i try it again, no way!!, i will however run a little nitro, if the compitition is more than i can overcome.
Which brings up the subject of my going to Byhalia when i go back up to Ms. i have lot's of friends that run there but i have to make a good show. I was kidding Charles/Cpek i've never met him but we know the same people. I do hope to meet him and if we line up i'm going to do whatever is necessary to equal his 5.80's. i know he has a 496" motor and a much lighter car. But either way it will all be in fun, i just think i can run those #'s with my 3250lb car and sm/blk. Only time will tell, we'll probably bring the ugly 1963 Dodge with a 434" that i know will run 5.50's or better at Byhalia.
O'k, i'm blowing smoke here, time to shutup and prove it. Too be continued :P

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