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hey we have all been there and done that with these scammers and a lot of us report them over and over again to only turn around and see them back on the sight trying to take advantage of good folks that are trying to get into this great hobby by listing way way below market value cars . like a 1963 split window comes to mind 18.000 bucks needs nothing a bullet mustang 12.999 who does that . I use to get so mad reporting 3/5 a day then I found myself reporting up near 10 A DAY . BOTTOM LINE IS WE HAVE TO WATCH EACH OTHERS BACK AND PUT the warnings up here just like you have done here . hang in there I have made a lot of friends on this sight and have gotten good advise and good parts when needed . almost got burnt once but like all the guy.s/// gal,s will tell you and keep this in mind if they refuse to call you then mark it off as a scammer . believe it or not there are still good folks out there . keep reporting when possible . if you keep that attitude along with the other 30,000 people a day reporting these dumb a$$$es we just may run them off . the scary thing is to me is they keep coming back and that just tells me that there scam has worked in the past for them not to give up . here is a better idea they should get a real job and donate to society
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