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Exclamation Scammer Alert

Womanracer96 and others be warned. I listed an item for sale and got a text from [email protected] wanting to buy my item. He said the only way he could purchase the item was to do it through PayPal. I agreed, I'm new to this stuff. Suddenly, I'm receiving texts from a guy named Franken, same phone number as you recieved, and he said he had deposited $2000 in my paypal account. Odd since I was only asking for $1350. I looked and it did not show up. I told him over and over to check again and then suggested he better call PayPal to recover his money. He convinced me that you must recieve an email from PayPal before they will deposit the money in my account and to look to see if it had gone to my Spam mail. I actually had three emails from him. One said the over payment was for shipping and I was to send $600 to the shipping company in I-Tunes gift cards. (Yeah, right) Then it suggested WalMart gift cards. I suggested he get fu(k*d.

Also had another scammer using an account from
Rendel's Inc.
100 North Chicago Street
Joliet, IL. 60432

He sent me a check from
Midland State Bank
(Guess what their address is?)
100 North Chicago Street
Joliet, IL. 60432

In an email, he told me his secretary had accidentally sent me too much money, and he hoped that I could be trusted to return the over payment. As I'm not out to scam anyone, I agreed. I tried to correspond with MR. John Jones several times, but only recieved short evasive answers about how he was going to pick up the item and when. When I got the check, his name did not appear on it. The supposed business name did appear, with the address above. When I checked it out, it turned out to be the address of the bank and not the business. The bank name was typed line where you write the dollar amount. Oh, I forget to mention, the check amount for $4750.00. The check looked odd, so I took it to my bank to deposit it. Going to the counter, I told the girl what was going on and she said I needed to talk to the bank manager. She told me this was one of the biggest scams going. She would not accept the check. (What a surprise!) I came home and emailed Mr. Jones, and told him of the situation and his response was to deposit the check into the ATM machine or through a mobile phone app. After discussing this for several minutes, I told him no matter what, the bank is not going to accept the check and he needs to make other arrangements to purchase the item. After not hearing from him anymore, I finally sent his check back to him. It came back Saturday as not deliverable and unable to forward. I called Pay-Pal and they had me send all the emails and correspondence from both parties and they were supposed to block them from doing business. If you run across either one of them, do not accept any offers from them. You have been warned. Racing Junk did not respond to my phone calls.
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