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You're right i never noticed about the high idle, i've never had an engine that wouldn't idle a 1,000 RPM's or less, my 377 idles at 800 or less, the 482 i was tuning a few weeks ago with atacks injection idles at 800 RPM's and that with a .743 lift cam.
:?: have you syncronized the butterflys on this carb that you are running, if you don't have a vacuum leak then it could very well be that you have some butterflys not closing all the way. It happens a lot if you're running a tunnel ram and 2 4 barrels, but i realine you're running a single 4 barrel.
Even my 1471 with buzzard catcher 360" blown alcohol sm/blk idles about a 1,000 RPM's with a lope down too 500 RPM's, but that's the way i tune it. It gets attention like the old funny cars when it lopes up to the starting line like a frog moving forward. I got a vid somewhere if i can find it.


I found it. Sound UP

Here's motor right after adjusting the valves, there is some oil on the right header. i'm behind the camera.
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