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Default Re: overheating

Originally Posted by chevyart
car wont idle down low and when i put it low it shoots up and down.i have to idle it around 2000 to(maybe a tad lower) to drive it around pits and it definitely bumps hard into gear(powerglide)i never addresed that problem and i should have, right away. how does that make an engine overhear or make it have other bad affects? im putting a newer(bigger carb on. and i will look at the plugs from last sunday.. i iknow they werent quite brown enough last week, but i didnt want to go crazy with the jets. this carb has a new center section from proform. i had it on my old motor,(that blew up) and the car ran good with it, but i was more sure of the old carb for startup of newer motor. i will change the carb gasket
Can you borrow a well sorted out carb from someone?
Maybe it just me but i would never run a carb down the track that i can't get to idle correctly.
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